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'Lessness [by Samuel Beckett] is composed of sixty sentences, divided into six sections of ten sentences each. These are lettered by Beckett A1-10, B1-10, C1-10, D1-10, E1-10 and F1-10, but they do not appear in the text in this order. Instead the sentences are shuffled into a completely different order…' (Pountney, 1988: 15).

This website documents a collaboration between Jonathan Heron and Rosemary Pountney which involved them recording all sixty sentences, in consultation with the Beckett Estate, in order to produce an endless Lessness upon the occasion of Pountney's death.

With special thanks to Elizabeth Barry, Nomi Everall, David Thwaites, Lesley Sheldon and Rob Batterbee.

We acknowledge Possible Lessness (Trinity College Dublin) as creative stimulus: www.random.org/lessness/

Website and disorder algorithm created by James Ball for Fail Better Productions Ltd.

In memoriam: Rosemary Pountney (1937-2016)